Can you swim in the pool or ocean?

Pool chemicals are not good for anyone’s hair! Rinse your hair with regular water before getting hair wet with pool or ocean water. This will keep your hair from absorbing as much bad water as possible. Shampooing your hair as soon as possible after getting out of the pool or ocean is very important. If you cannot shampoo, at least rinse with water and apply a leave in conditioner.

Can you pull your hair back?

Yes there are ways to conceal the bonds around your face for no detection.

How do you remove extensions?

Proper removal by Sarah Ashley or a processional certified extensionist is crucial to allowing no damage to your own hair! You should not attempt to remove the extensions by yourself. During removal, a gentle solution and professional tool is used. There is no hair loss during the process. The hair from natural daily shedding from the scalp with be trapped in the bonds, but that is normal. Remember you lose an average of 100 strands a day naturally and those will be caught into the bonds.

Can tanning beds affect the bonds?

Any excessive heat can soften the bonds. Putting stress on the bonds after tanning including brushing or wearing a pony tail can cause slippage. Cover your hair while tanning to protect from direct rays and let the bonds cool before pulling your hair tight or brushing.