Remi Cachet Flat Tips

Remi Cachet Flat Tips are small pre-bonded extensions from the Elegance Range using the finest quality human hair. The application methods. Once the machine has melted the keratin bond, the bond can be shaped easily to form either a round of flat bond securely in the client’s hair.


Lengths: 16″ 20″ & 24″
Hair Source: 100% Human Hair of Russian-Mongolian source
Hair Quality: Remi Hair, Double Drawn
Bond: Italian Keratin
Pack: 50 strands per pack, 50g pack
Maintenance: Regular checks and re-fit approx. 4 months
Longevity: +12 months with correct care & maintenance


Available in straight, wavy and curly textures, providing options for every hair types.


14-16 inches, 18-20 inches and 24 inches long.